Premium 5A Grade Whole Bird Nest

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Premium 5A Grade Whole Bird Nest

Crown Brand | Premium 5A Grade Whole Bird Nest 50g
Edible Bird Nest
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Product Description

Premium 5A Grade Whole Bird Nest

Bird's nest is a nest made from the saliva secreted by swallows. It is mainly produced in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Indonesia is currently the most popular bird's nest producing area on the market, because of its moderate price, abundant production, and Indonesian bird's nest processing technology, carefully plucked hair, so the finished product is cleaner.

The bird's nest is beautiful in shape and suitable for personal use as gifts. Bird's nest is suitable for making all kinds of desserts in syrup, so it is loved by ladies as a tonic for beauty.

Therapeutic value: Bird's nest is rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, which can nourish the skin and body

Cooking method:

1. Pick out impurities and miscellaneous hair, soak in water for about 4 hours

2. Pour the water used for soaking

3. Rinse twice with water for use

Suitable for: The average person is suitable for consumption.

Storage method: add to the sealed fresh-keeping box and store in the refrigerator fresh-keeping compartment


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