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Singapore senior artist Chen Shu Cheng has endorsed our Crown Brand Abalone

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In 2015, Chen Shu Cheng jointly launched the "Crown Brand Abalone Banquet" on two consecutive Sundays at the SHENG SIONG Supermarket with Sin Ocean, allowing the public to taste abalone free of charge. The day's response was enthusiastic, the field was full, the reservation was fully booked in half a day. Add also ordered empty.

After the event, Crown brand abalone spokesman Chen Shu Cheng found that Singaporeans really love abalone. To this end, he especially in the supermarket in Shengsheng to meet you up close, but also accompany you to the scene free tasting abalone.

Why does Chen Shu Cheng speak for Crown Abalone?

Mr Chen rarely speaks for products, he says, because it is a big social responsibility. When he found something as real and cheap as crown brand abalone, he decided to recommend it to the general public.

When it comes to abalone, Chen recalls how precious and out-of-reach food abalone was when he was a child, something that no ordinary family like them could eat.

With such childhood regret, he always hoped that whether rich or not, everyone has abalone to eat, especially in the Lunar New Year, but also hope that we can eat high-quality, cheap "little Yuanbao" for a good year.

Chen said that the famous brand or good quality abalone are very expensive, some even if not very delicious also not cheap. In contrast, he stressed that crown brand abalone is better taste, fresh sweet is elastic and the price is affortable.

As a competent spokesman, Chen Yucheng also gave a wonderful "words": "Gifts giving, add cans of abalone, crown abalone, your first choice"


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