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Choosing canned abalone professionally, just 3 tricks!

The canned abalone we are most familiar with is the most indispensable delicacy and gift-giving option during the Chinese New Year. The so-called canned food is a tonic that is ready to be eaten when opened. It only needs simple heating at most, no seasoning, no need to stew, which is convenient and quick. Since dried abalone takes a long time to prepare, it is difficult to control, so canned abalone has become the first choice for the new year!

There are many kinds of canned abalone, how to choose? What should be paid attention to when choosing abalone? and what are the criteria? With more than 30 years of experience in researching abalone by CROWN BRAND, we will teach you 3 ways to choose abalone for the following majors:

Professional 3 tricks to choosing canned abalone!

The first trick: freshness, quality and taste are the primary considerations for canned abalone

The canned abalones produced by CROWN BRAND are fresh and carefully selected abalones. Frozen abalones are never used. So, we can make sure that our abalone tastes all chewy and not over soft.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in abalone research, CROWN BRAND collects fresh live abalone from all over the world such as Japan, South Africa and Mexico and produce it in canned abalone so that our customers can enjoy the most natural taste of abalone.

Professional production and sales: In addition to quality being the first consideration factor of CROWN BRAND, price is also an important factor. To this end, CROWN BRAND united with well-established and reputable manufacturers in Japan, South Africa, Mexico and other places to order in bulk, directly import, and distribute directly, bringing affordable prices and excellent quality to millions of households.


The second trick: learn to identify canned abalones in order to gain benefit from the price

Although the abalones store in the can tightly, consumers can get the info from the text on the can.

1) Country of origin

2) Factory number

3) Shelf life

4) Weight (Net weight and drained weight)

Net weight: refers to the weight of abalone and soup. Generally, the net weight of canned abalone is 425 grams.

Drained weight: refers to the weight of the abalone itself, which can range from 60 grams to 360 grams.

5) Abalone pieces: refers to the bottom of Australian canned abalone, clearly indicate the pieces of abalone in the can.

 aus abalone tip


The third trick: weight tips

When buying canned abalone, customers usually only pay attention to the brand and price, and mistakenly think that the abalone in the can is of standard size, but it is not. To know the size of the abalone in the can, you must first know the drained weight of the abalone, that is, the weight of the abalone itself. The heavier the drained weight, the bigger the abalone. The drained weight of abalone can range from 60 grams to 213 grams. The net weight printed on the can label is generally 425 grams, which actually refers to the total weight of the abalone and salt water. Just look at the net weight, so you can't identify the sizes and pieces of the abalone.


If you can’t finish it all at once, do not pour out the soup completely after opening the can. You can dip the abalone in the soup and seal it tightly, and then stores it in fridge to prevent the abalone from drying, aging, and losing its original taste.

Note: It is best not to exceed 5 days.

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