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The 5 most practical ways to soak sea cucumbers

For those who have never done so, it is really impossible to start soaking sea cucumbers, and the method is improper, so the sea cucumbers cannot be soaked for a few days. Good things cannot be wasted in vain! How to soak in the shortest time? How is the easiest way to soak? How to soak the sea cucumbers with the best taste? Below, we will introduce you several methods you need!

1. The method of soaking sea cucumbers to retain the highest nutritional value- thermos bottle soaking method

Firstly, soak the dried sea cucumbers in cold water for two days. After the dried sea cucumbers soften, cut the sea cucumbers with scissors, remove the sand mouth (the teeth of the sea cucumbers) on the head of the sea cucumbers, and then rinse the sea cucumbers and put them in thermos bottle. Add hot water into the thermos bottle. After 3~4 hours, the sea cucumbers will be soaked. Put the soaked sea cucumbers in the refrigerator to refrigerate or freeze them and use them at any time. The sea cucumbers soaked by this method have high elasticity, high toughness, soft and soft taste and the highest nutritional value.

The thermos bottle is usually soaking the sea cucumbers for one week at a time, which is convenient. In the process of soaking sea cucumbers, maintaining the temperature is an important part, and the thermos bottle can keep warm constantly. In addition, the containers and water used in the soaking process should not be stained with oil and salt. Oil can melt sea cucumbers, and salt makes it difficult to soak. It is inevitable that the containers and dishes used in ordinary times will have certain grease or impurities, which will affect the quality of sea cucumbers. If steel vessel, it will also affect the taste of sea cucumber. The thermos bottle is not in contact with oil and salt at all, and the glassware is more stable and will not affect the taste of sea cucumbers. Therefore, people who often eat sea cucumbers regard the thermo bottles as the best tools for soaking sea cucumbers.

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2. The classic soaking method commonly used at home-conventional soaking

Put the dried sea cucumbers in a pot without any oil, preferably a deep pot such as a stainless-steel pot or a ceramic pot, soak in water for 12-24 hours. Some sea cucumbers are better, often soaking for 36-48 hours.

Cut the softened sea cucumber to remove the tendons, inner viscera and sand mouth, and wash away the sand. Be careful not to remove the head. If the tendons and viscera are not removed, the sea cucumbers cannot be fully soaked, which will affect its size and not easy to absorption.

Boiling the washed sea cucumbers in a pot of cold water without oil. After keeping them on a low fire for 20 minutes, do not open the lid.

After cooling down, spread a layer of ice cubes on the water, about one-third of the volume of the entire water and sea cucumbers, and leave it at room temperature for more than 12 hours.

Therefore, follow steps 3 and 4 to cook again. The sea cucumber will be soaked. If it is soaked perfectly, the size is 1-1,.5 times the usual length and 2-3 times the width. Put the soaked sea cucumbers in the freezer and store them in a sealed condition. Take them out and rinse them thoroughly with cold water (do not use hot water, otherwise the sea cucumbers will shrink. If you are not using them for cooking, you can eat directly after wash and soak in warm water. Note that you should not keep sea cucumbers more than half a month. Otherwise, if the sea cucumbers are frozen for too long, the moisture will be sublimated. Even if they are soaked again, they will be tasteless.


3. Method to soak the sea cucumber in the shortest time- hot water soaking

Usually, sea cucumbers are faster to be soften in hot water. Firstly, soak the sea cucumber with hot water for 24 hours (you can directly boil with cold water, then cover and simmer for 4-5 hours), then take out the internal organs from the abdomen. Replace with new water, boil for 50 min. After that, soak 24 hours, and it will be done.


4. The best method of soaking the best taste- warm water soaking

To soak dried sea cucumbers, you should bake the dried sea cucumbers on a fire, and then soak them in warm water overnight. This will help to remove the dry lime from the skin. The next day, use a soft brush to gently clean and boil it in water for half an hour, then turn off the heat and soak. Cook it every day and soak it every day for 5 to 7 days until the sea cucumber is soft and soaked before taking it out. Although the procedures are cumbersome, there are no additives in the process. It is more safe, hygienic and delicious than the freshly bought.

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5. A simple way to soak sea cucumber- cold water soaking

Soak the sea cucumber in clean water for about 3 days to soak; remove organs and soak in clean water. After soaking, it can be cooked and eaten. This method needs to change the water several times in hot weather, and always pay attention to whether it has become soft.

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