South Africa Butterfly Fishmaw (S)

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South Africa Butterfly Fishmaw (S)

Hippo Brand | South Africa Butterfly Fishmaw (S) 100g
  • $30.00/Pack
Product Description

South Africa Butterfly Fishmaw (S) 


Fish maw is the comercial term for the dried swim bladders of large fish like croaker and sturgeon. It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavours of other ingredients. It is graded according to sex: male bladders are better than female ones.

Fish maw is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and is a kind of therapeutic food. South Africa Butterfly Dried Fishmaw is a good choice for skin care and beauty.Its price consider moderately and acceptable in the market. It has a significant effect on the treatment of cough, and can be eaten by children or the aged people.


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