Crown Brand | Premium Australia Wild Abalone 【213g】5pcs

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Crown Brand | Premium Australia Wild Abalone 【213g】5pcs

Crown Brand | Premium Australia Wild Abalone 【213g】5pcs
Canned Abalone
  • $47.00/Can
Product Description

Crown Brand Australia Abalone 213g 5pcs

Crown Brand Australian Abalone are harvested wild by hand from the unpolluted Southern Ocean of Australia. Specially selected from the finest grades of abalone that growing in the original habitat to ensure healthy growth and taste delicious with a firm texture.

Nett weight: 425g Drained weight: 213g Ingredients: Ingredients: Abalone, Water, Sugar, Ricewine, Acidity Regulator: Polyphosphate(450,451,452), Salt, Antioxidant: EDTACaNa(385), Color Retention Agent: Sodium Metabisulphite(223) Allergy Information: Contains Molluscs(Shell fish)

No Bleaching, product in natural color

Product of Australia


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